Drop city sofa

3,300,494 Ft net price: 2,598,814 Ft

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be

Everyone’s gone crazy. Stress seems to be the season’s new must-have accessory. Dude, can’t we all just calm down and chill out? Think back to the Bay Area hippies in the 70s – they knew where it was at. Our time and culture would do well to see things more from their laid-back perspective. Count me in – I’m a modern flower child and my pad’s a bohemian paradise.

Size: 322*276*45/70 cm
Upholstery: 65 BOH60_sea foam, 65 BOH63_salmon, 64_1882_birkenlaub

Pillows are not included in the price.

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