Ed is an interactive study of geometric basic forms. Large upholstered bolsters meet square-gridded seating elements. In combination, an overall architectural picture emerges in the field of tension between Bauhaus, Maximalism and Memphis.

Facts & features

  • A modular, pillowy playground. Generous, extra-elastic seats built from soft-cornered cubes are combined with oversized bolsters and giant, super-soft plaid cushions. You won’t want to leave!
  • Based on three unit widths: 122 / 162 / 202 cm, 3 unit depths: 122 / 162 / 202 cm, 3 seat depths: 98 / 138 / 178 cm
  • Polsters can be fitted as fixed backrests or used as throw pillows with a handy ‘rollback’ effect
  • Flexible and modular for any kind of space: symmetrical sofas, récamier ouches, U-shapes and corner solutions are all possible in multiples of 40 cm

F 109

from €4,670 nett price

TD+U+2xTN +3xRG+2xRM +2xRK 109

from €9,561 nett price

TD+U+2xTN +RM+RG +3xRA 109

from €7,876 nett price

H 109 LI

from €5,777 nett price

FL 109

from €3,987 nett price

V 109 TO 109

from €2,034 nett price

V+2xRA 109 2xD109QR

from €3,044 nett price

TD-U-3X RA 109

from €4,362 nett price

Z 109 LI

from €5,969 nett price

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The elements and the upholstery of the product can be combined as desired. Below are just a few examples for inspiration.

3D Designer

Creating custom configurations.

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