Napali sofa

2,265,894 Ft net price: 1,784,169 Ft

You must love the night to discover all its secrets and stories

If you ask me, bar life is like being under a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Things sizzle, get more focused, more real. Tragedies are staged, major and minor, heroes are born, and love stories write their first (or last) chapters. And I’m in the thick of it and mix the lifeblood it needs. And then … midnight-black becomes dawn-blue and I leave, to return to my faraway place. It’s quiet here: there’s space and a place just for me. Here I can breathe easy, regenerating my energies for the next exhilarating evening.

Size: 278*161*47*89 cm
Upholstery: 61_9426_enzianblau, 67_3832_arabesk türkis, 67_3932_boa türkis, 65_9622 curacao

Pillows are not included in the price.

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