Ocean 7 sofa with puff

2,254,183 Ft net price: 1,774,947 Ft

I’m a music maker, a music lover. Can’t live without it. It’s like the blood in my veins runs to the beat of a bass line

Sometimes, I only have to put the needle in the groove and the song’s first notes can move me to tears. For me, music is an ocean for my soul to sail in. On a ship made of love. Bringing other people on board is the best. Seeing how others laugh when they dance, forget their daily cares and lose themselves in the moment – then I’m happy, too. Then I come home with the rising sun and let my couch catch me, happy and contented.

Size: 297*128*38/80 cm, 128*66*38 cm
Upholstery: 61_9486_austernpilz

Pillows are not included in the price.

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