Ohlinda sofa with high lily legs

2,391,694 Ft net price: 1,883,224 Ft

As a collector, you find beauty in the ordinary

I’m a collector. I pick out impressions with the lens in my camera and create keepsakes from my travels by bringing a glorious gallimaufry of things as souvenirs home with me. Not tourist trinkets but pretty stones, rugs, flotsam and jetsam, shards of gleaming glass worn smooth by the tide I find while beachcombing … just anything that touches my soul… everything I find beautiful. These various variegated puzzle pieces make me into a more complete person.

Size: 242*226*45/88 cm
Upholstery: 66_6438_oliv, 64_2975_gold, 64_2960_orange, 68_1035_gobelin

Pillows are not included in the price.

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