Bretz. Unique, fashionable, joyous. With its high quality products, it breaks out of the dull everyday routine, says no to boredom. The special sofas, beds, armchairs and other accessories turn the home into a playground. The characteristic appearance radiates from the furnitures, the colourful, soft fabrics and patterns, the special forms deviate from the clichés, they create a feeling of liberty. They bring joy to day-to-day life with their appearance alone, and those who try them, will not want to give up their comfort. This is Bretz. True characters, as our slogan says. The furnitures of the famous, now 120-year-old German brand considered to be a curiosity grip everyone with their eye-catching appearance. Everyone can create the colour scheme most fitting for their personality, the company urges courage. It is no secret, Bretz loves brave, bold, wild combinations, but softer, more elegant variations are also available that are gently eye-catching. You can’t go wrong with Bretz!

Attention, this isn’t nearly the complete range of products! At Bretz, every furniture family is personally customisable, as well as for space. In case of different choice of upholstery, a change in price up to 20-40% can occur. About further models, upholstery options personal inquiry is needed. We are pleased to help you!