Our company has nearly 30 years of professional experience in interior design. Thanks to this we have a wide range of knowledge about the current design trends in the areas of both trade and furniture design. We are continually following the topicality of the international fairs, when new products are coming out and their changes in form. We often monitor new professional developments, innovations that we strive to apply first in our work. We provide full service for our customers that includes needs assessment, information, schematics display. We give size, colour and form suggestions in case of being asked for a quotation. If necessary, we make interior design documentation as well. When choosing brands that we distribute our first priority has been maximum customisation besides quality design. The most prominent proponent of this philosophy is Bretz.

The manufacturer represented by Bretz Hungary Flagship is a German manufactory dating back 125 years. A brand that is considered a curiosity, its furnitures grip everyone with their eye-catching appearance. The sofas are available in several configurations, their size and form are customisable. Everyone can create the colour scheme most fitting for their personality, the company urges courage. It is no secret, Bretz loves bold, wild combinations, but softer, more elegant variations are also available. They create a feeling of life in your home. With its high quality products, it breaks out of the dull everyday routine, says no to boredom. The characteristic appearance radiates from the furnitures, the colourful, soft fabrics and patterns, the special forms deviate from the clichés, they create a feeling of liberty. They bring joy to day-to-day life with their appearance alone, and those who try them, will not want to give up their comfort. This is what Bretz offers: True characters, as our slogan suggests.