Teratai armchair and footrest

1,227,391 Ft net price: 966,450 Ft

The water lily: perfection, beauty, exotic, a symbol for inner peace and balance. It’s Balinese name: Teratai. Not only does it lend its name to our imaginative modular sofa system, but serves as a theme as well. This organic perfection is the result of a lot of handiwork and patience: In order to realize the ambitious cut – softly indented, sometimes over an edge, rounded here, smooth there but not too tight – every single piece of cloth needs a lot of care. The seems traverse through the sofa like veins through a leaf. They give life to that natural phenomenon and give it volume and structure. 22 hours is how long it takes to shape this sensitive furniture sculpture, until it is ready.

Size: 105*93*43/78 cm, 66*66*38 cm
Upholstery: 65_9680_moon dust

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