Edgy celebrates the desire to design. Inspired by the game Tetris from the 80s, Edgy is based on a system of cuboids, which can be rearranged and combined by your heart’s desire. With its functionality and its clear form language and the ability to immediately adapt to new situations, Edgy welcomes the urban lifestyle. Rounded edges and a thought-out upholstery bring comfort on a premium level. Easy, spontaneous and without limits: That’s what life with Edgy looks like.

Facts & highlights

  • Super flexible because life never stands still: modular system based on a 40 cm grid, with 3 module depths of: 122 / 162 / 202 cm and 3 module widths of: 122 / 162 / 202 cm
  • Suitable for subsequent changes due to arm/backrests which can be taken off and/or repositioned
  • Arm/backrests can be installed firmly, flexible support rollers with “rollback effect” exist as well
  • Exciting mixture of materials in between seat and backrest possible – for even more creative freedom

Z 107 LI

from €5,618 nett price

Q 107 LI

from €4,588 nett price

TD + 2xT + TN + SreK + RM + RE + RK 107

from €9,503 nett price

L 107 LI

from €7,103 nett price

F 107 C 107

from €5,543 nett price

F 107

from €4,480 nett price

C 107D

from €1,063 nett price

V-RA 109 D109QR

from €2,439 nett price

V 109 2X RA 109 2X D109QR

from €3,044 nett price

U-TN-RK-RE 107

from €4,280 nett price

Y 107 RE

from €5,110 nett price

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The elements and the upholstery of the product can be combined as desired. Below are just a few examples for inspiration.

3D Designer

Creating custom configurations.

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