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Unalterable like a million year old fossil, dynamic like Neptune grass in the current – Nanami tells the story of underwater worlds, where fortitude and movement depend on each other. That time and evolution go hand in hand is mirrored in the organic shape of the collection, which goes without any edges and corners. The seat surface looks like it has been polished by the tides. On the backrest no fold is the result of chance but rather of careful handiwork. That is what makes each piece unique.

Facts & highlights

  • Organic form language intuitively harmonizes with the human body
  • The playful fall of folds on the backrest is the result of extraordinary upholstery craft. Every fold is individually creased and formed by the upholsterer
  • High quality upholstery foam
  • 2 module elements form smaller, larger, symmetrical or asymmetrical sofas with seating depths from 65 – 100 cm
  • As a free standing sofa or corner solution suitable for every room


Teratai is your place for the small get-away in between. And for the bigger one – if necessary. Teratai unfolds in a room like an exotic water lily and turns into your own personal oasis. Softly curved – from its seams to its form – the poetically – emotional sofa seems to be sculptural and tranquil.

Facts & highlights

  • A personal oasis for the home in an iconic style
  • Straight elements can easily be combined with more organically shaped ones
  • For more comfort: high back with an integrated kidney support
  • Bretz handcraft stands for great quality: an elaborate quilted cover
  • Soft plasticity due to point by point indentations in the seat


Real character heads are edgy and rough; and they love their freedom. So why not turn the living room upside down at 3 AM? A change in perspective never did anyone any harm anyway. The only question is: Récamière left, Récamière right? Back rest, yes, no, maybe? It doesn’t really matter, because Edgy combines the maximum of freedom with the maximum of cosiness because of its clear and constructive nature!

Facts & highlights

  • Super flexible because life never stands still: modular system based on a 40 cm grid, with 3 module depths of: 122 / 162 / 202 cm and 3 module widths of: 122 / 162 / 202 cm
  • Suitable for subsequent changes due to arm/backrests which can be taken off and/or repositioned
  • Arm/backrests can be installed firmly, flexible support rollers with “rollback effect” exist as well
  • Exciting mixture of materials in between seat and backrest possible – for even more creative freedom


Cosmic Love – are we really made of stardust?

The different roles I play as an actress make me a multidimensional traveller.

But to make sure I stay true to myself and come back down to earth, I take time and space to step back for a while, and gaze on the world from a distance.

And the best place for this is my sofa, which holds me safe and secure like a space capsule. I orbit placidly in my own space and enjoy the silence. Fly me to the moon!

Facts & features

  • Inspired by weightlessness and the fascination with the ‘final frontier’
  • Modular upholstered furniture piece based on 5 seat units: 3 widths (120 / 160 / 200 cm) and 3 lengths (135 / 175 / 215 cm), with a wide choice of armrests / backrests
  • One-of-a-kind tube design offers superb seating comfort
  • The ultra-artisan Bretz sofa. Pockets for multi-chamber inlets are painstakingly sewn by hand into every single ‘tube’


Everyday I’m turning the world into my personal playground

Adults have been telling me to take things a little more seriously for as long as I can remember. Seriously? No play Jose? Grow old before my time and miss out on what life’s about? No chance! I don’t want to miss a thing. I want to live, to create: to be a daredevil, wild and free. This is what my shoots are all about – it’s where I create brand new worlds. I blur the borders of reality and make room to play with ideas, colours, contours and emotions. Never grow up!

Facts & features

  • A modular, pillowy playground. Generous, extra-elastic seats built from soft-cornered cubes are combined with oversized bolsters and giant, super-soft plaid cushions. You won’t want to leave!
  • Based on three unit widths: 122 / 162 / 202 cm, 3 unit depths: 122 / 162 / 202 cm, 3 seat depths: 98 / 138 / 178 cm
  • Polsters can be fitted as fixed backrests or used as throw pillows with a handy ‘rollback’ effect
  • Flexible and modular for any kind of space: symmetrical sofas, récamier ouches, U-shapes and corner solutions are all possible in multiples of 40 cm


I write because otherwise i wouldn’t know how to think

Why am I a writer? What do I write about? And is anyone even interested? I never wanted to be a writer. But that’s what you get when you worry too much, think too much and then find out your imagination is a bottomless pit. But one with rich seams of treasure in it, that I love to dig into when I’m all alone on my sofa, my ‘thinking place’.

Facts & features

  • Sofa with an odd number of corners
  • ‘Floating’ back cushions
  • Modular system for the ultimate in unusual expansion options
  • For any size of room, from big to small


As a collector, you find beauty in the ordinary

I’m a collector. I pick out impressions with the lens in my camera and create keepsakes from my travels by bringing a glorious gallimaufry of things as souvenirs home with me. Not tourist trinkets but pretty stones, rugs, flotsam and jetsam, shards of gleaming glass worn smooth by the tide I find while beachcombing … just anything that touches my soul… everything I find beautiful. These various variegated puzzle pieces make me into a more complete person.

Facts & features

  • Seat cushions that seem to float in place
  • Back cushions that can be chosen in individual colour shades
  • Modular system with two base elements offers plenty of mix and match options
  • Unbelievable upholstery – so comfortable

Cocoa Island

It’s not what you look like, it’s who you are

Miami, Ibiza, Tulum and Tokyo. I’ve been going places in the last few weeks. But only for a few days. Always only as long as the fashion shoot takes. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t really let you get to know the places you’ve been. But at home, as I unpack one weekend bag into another, I throw myself on my couch, read all about these countries and look forward to seeing them again some day.

Facts & features

  • The Chesterfield – reloaded.
  • Choice of three seat depths – corner pieces can be combined to match
  • Modular system in multiples of 33 cm for any planning project – even all-over, wall-to-wall solutions


You must love the night to discover all its secrets and stories

If you ask me, bar life is like being under a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Things sizzle, get more focused, more real. Tragedies are staged, major and minor, heroes are born, and love stories write their first (or last) chapters. And I’m in the thick of it and mix the lifeblood it needs. And then … midnight-black becomes dawn-blue and I leave, to return to my faraway place. It’s quiet here: there’s space and a place just for me. Here I can breathe easy, regenerating my energies for the next exhilarating evening.

Facts & features

  • Loose seat and back cushions create a lounge atmosphere
  • Two seat heights – floor-level or standard
  • From body to cushions, all elements can be chosen with a personal cover and colour
  • Unlimited, modular system in multiples of 44 cm

Cloud 7

What I’m looking for isn’t out there, it’s in me

I just love the extreme. It’s the kick – I can’t get enough. It lets me feel the real me and concentrate all my willpower to go beyond my breaking point. You can’t compromise at all in moments like these. I’m proud of what I am and who I am. Happy with all of my rough edges, satisfied about my self-sufficiency and the fact that I go my own way.

Facts & features

  • Cloud 7 is the epitome of the Bretz philosophy
  • Premium, artisan-quality cassette upholstery
  • Modular system with two seat depths
  • Comfort that’s out of this world
  • Not a single right angle
  • Truly unconventional layout

Ocean 7

I’m a music maker, a music lover. Can’t live without it. It’s like the blood in my veins runs to the beat of a bass line

Sometimes, I only have to put the needle in the groove and the song’s first notes can move me to tears. For me, music is an ocean for my soul to sail in. On a ship made of love. Bringing other people on board is the best. Seeing how others laugh when they dance, forget their daily cares and lose themselves in the moment – then I’m happy, too. Then I come home with the rising sun and let my couch catch me, happy and contented.

Facts & features

  • Stripped-down structure, inspired by the great artisan tradition
  • Premium, artisan-quality cassette upholstery
  • Three seat depths for guaranteed relaxation – can be matched at corners
  • Modular system in multiples of 33 cm for planning project without limits – even all-over, wall-to-wall solutions

Cassia loungechair

The most intimate conversations happen in confidence. Our Cassia lounge chair, which opens up similarly to a cassia bark tree, invites you to this exact form of communicative comfort. The base frame, on which the arm chair can turn as well as swivel, allows for conversations with a literal devotion.

Facts & features

  • Loungy chair inspired by a blossom
  • Curved seat and back made out of molded wood
  • Integrated Bonell feathers for the best seating comfort
  • Endowed with a soft going mechanism to swivel and bob

Croissant A113


Strong statement pieces that welcome you with open arms. Elegant, classic upholstered sofas, récamièrs and corners with normal seat depth for cultivated sitting. The enveloping and concisely formulated ARMrest provides a feeling of secturity with a sitting comfort that is both classic and really cosy. Deep indentations in the back and fine stitchings in the seat upholstery provide structure and gentle volume. CROISSANT floats freely on the 20cm high “SLOPE” aluminium feet, looking like a sculpture completing this rhythmically curved piece of upholstery art. Lean dimensions, ideal for living spaces and projects alike.


Solid wooden structure. Seat: tight swinging Nosag springs, 10 cm Bonnell spring core, balanced premium foam core, fluffy upholstery fleece. Back with integrated kidney support, very elastic cold foam, upholstery fleece. Strong formation of creases is design inherent.