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Close your eyes, weightlessly float up into the clouds and take a bird’s eye view of life – this sense of pure relaxation and getting away from it all is what Esfera is all about. This kind of luxuriousness is not ostentatious, but quiet and subtle, like a well-kept secret. Three layers of springs seem to play with gravity and organically adapt to support you as you drift away. The oversized pillows tempt you to go even deeper so that your thoughts can glide higher.

  • Oversized seat and back cushions create a lounge atmosphere
  • Unrivalled seating comfort thanks to premium foam construction and triple suspension
  • Multiple seat hights
  • Unlimited, modular system in multiples of 44 cm
  • From body to cushions, all elements can be chosen with a personal cover and color

G 102 (Set 1)

€10,749 gross price

Z 102 (Set 3)

€14,842 gross price

H 102 (Set 2)

€10,119 gross price


The essence of carefree summer days: whiling away the hours with your head in the clouds. This playful creation is reminiscent of a pool island with a splash of pop art humor. Here fun and relaxation go hand in hand. Hand me my cocktail, darling, and my copy of Vogue! This finely crafted sofa has a lushly sculptured silhouette with precise lines and unusual angles, making it visually extravagant and sensual to touch. At the same time, the wonderfully upholstered backrest provides great support so that no one falls into the water – oops – backwards.

  • Resilient seating comfort thanks to Nosag spring suspension, Bonell spring core and multi-layer foam structure over a solid wooden frame
  • The seat has a pleasant seat gradient
  • The backrest is made up of two frames with different foam hardnesses – the lower backrest has a firmer foam structure and is curved further forward – this guarantees optimum comfort in the lower back area
  • Awarded the German Design Award

F 103

€6,850 gross price

F 103

€7,380 gross price


Balaao invites you to cut yourself loose from everyday life and soar carefree beyond your own horizon. The name comes from the Portuguese word for balloon – conjuring up fantastic tales of adventure in colourful hot-air balloons while also referring to the rotund shape of the sofa. Sculptural cast aluminium feet mirror the recurring geometry of the design and complement Balaao’s characteristic voluptuous shape. Comfort and cosiness galore is guaranteed in the swivel armchair with its curvy silhouette and sophisticated upholsterv. The perfect place to rest your back, arms and soul.

  • Due to the bulbous formulation of the foams, the sofa lacks any hard edges
  • Modular upholstered furniture system based on 3 seats which, when fitted with armrests and backrests, make up the individual sections
  • Solid wooden frame. above which is a classic upholstered structure with Nosag and Bonell springs and a multi-layer, moulded premium foam structure
  • The punctual indentations give the cover support and firmness, the folds on the underside of the body and on the backrests are irregularly laid by hand, making each piece unique

F 104 + C 104

€9,344 gross price

F 104

€7,432 gross price


€11,573 gross price

Uali-VDAre 104

€10,636 gross price

VDAli-UAre 104

€10,636 gross price

FN 104

€6,779 gross price

Hli 104

€8,602 gross price

Vdli 104

€5,331 gross price

F-T 104

€10,534 gross price

A 104 + CR 104

€4,008 gross price

A 104

€3,182 gross price

CR 104

€826 gross price


The water lily: perfection, beauty, exotic, a symbol for inner peace and balance. It’s Balinese name: Teratai. Not only does it lend its name to our imaginative modular sofa system, but serves as a theme as well. This organic perfection is the result of a lot of handiwork and patience: In order to realize the ambitious cut – softly indented, sometimes over an edge, rounded here, smooth there but not too tight – every single piece of cloth needs a lot of care. The seems traverse through the sofa like veins through a leaf. They give life to that natural phenomenon and give it volume and structure. 22 hours is how long it takes to shape this sensitive furniture sculpture, until it is ready.

Facts & highlights

  • A personal oasis for the home in an iconic style
  • Straight elements can easily be combined with more organically shaped ones
  • For more comfort: high back with an integrated kidney support
  • Bretz handcraft stands for great quality: an elaborate quilted cover
  • Soft plasticity due to point by point indentations in the seat

H 106 LI

€9,477 gross price

A 106 C 106

€4,361 gross price*

F 106

€7,927 gross price

G 106

€11,704 gross price

G 106

€9,561 gross price

G 106

€11,279 gross price

Z 106 LI

€10,576 gross price


Edgy celebrates the desire to design. Inspired by the game Tetris from the 80s, Edgy is based on a system of cuboids, which can be rearranged and combined by your heart’s desire. With its functionality and its clear form language and the ability to immediately adapt to new situations, Edgy welcomes the urban lifestyle. Rounded edges and a thought-out upholstery bring comfort on a premium level. Easy, spontaneous and without limits: That’s what life with Edgy looks like.

Facts & highlights

  • Super flexible because life never stands still: modular system based on a 40 cm grid, with 3 module depths of: 122 / 162 / 202 cm and 3 module widths of: 122 / 162 / 202 cm
  • Suitable for subsequent changes due to arm/backrests which can be taken off and/or repositioned
  • Arm/backrests can be installed firmly, flexible support rollers with “rollback effect” exist as well
  • Exciting mixture of materials in between seat and backrest possible – for even more creative freedom

Z 107 LI

€8,249 gross price

Q 107 LI

€7,768 gross price

TD + 2xT + TN + SreK + RM + RE + RK 107

€16,095 gross price

F 107 C 107

€9,372 gross price

F 107

€6,637 gross price

F 107

€7,524 gross price

C 107D

€1,710 gross price

Y 107 RE

€8,445 gross price


On the one hand, Matilda stands out. Whereas on the other, she snuggles up – first and foremost to herself. Due to the placement of the pentagonal elements, islands for more communicative outings can be created.

Facts & features

  • Sofa with an odd number of corners
  • ‘Floating’ back cushions
  • Modular system for the ultimate in unusual expansion options
  • For any size of room, from big to small

Z 116

from €14,654 gross price

G 116

from €9,889 gross price


The romantic approach and the floral splendor is what makes up Ohlinda, that and her versatility: The back elements may be designed how ever one wants. Like building blocks, everything can be combined. Pillows which seem to float surprise with a myriad of intricacies, ruffles, seams, and tucks. What makes this sofa complete are its slim feet in the shape of a lily, which lend Ohlinda a soft airiness and raise the mattress slightly. The fantastic story telling of the blues and greens from the ocean, from flowery gardens or the mystical silver shimmer of the moon, completes very different room concepts.

Facts & features

  • Seat cushions that seem to float in place
  • Back cushions that can be chosen in individual colour shades
  • Modular system with two base elements offers plenty of mix and match options
  • Unbelievable upholstery – so comfortable

R 118 RE

€4,258 gross price

Párna D160V

€182 gross price

SET 3 (Z 118)

€9,607 gross price

Z 118 LI

€8,785 gross price

Párna 2 x D160V

€364 gross price

2x E 118S +L 118R +L 118N

€5,182 gross price

FN 118

€5,508 gross price

Párna 2 x D160V

€454 gross price

M 118

€8,515 gross price

Párna 2 x D160V

€400 gross price

M 118

€8,595 gross price

Párna 2 x D160V

€485 gross price

E 118S

€1,900 gross price

E 118S +L 118R

€2,720 gross price

Y 118

€10,110 gross price

Párna 2 x D160V

€485 gross price

F 118

€5,541 gross price

Párna 2 x D160V

€364 gross price

Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island has old traditions meet new standards. The reasons for that are the unconventional dimensions as well as the angled back-rest. The cover unfolds its radiance in the truest sense of the word: Around the buttons, which were sewn on by hand, folds appear which remind of beams coming off a planet. That way, a soft interplay between light and shadow comes alive which, by the way, also feels heavenly.

Facts & features

  • The Chesterfield – reloaded.
  • Choice of three seat depths – corner pieces can be combined to match
  • Modular system in multiples of 33 cm for any planning project – even all-over, wall-to-wall solutions


€7,677 gross priece


€9,371 gross priece

UDLI-VRE 119 + Trio feet

€8006 gross priece


€11,113 gross priece

CE-V-S-URE 119

€10,808 gross priece

A 119

€3,386 gross priece

A 119

€3,212 gross priece

A 119

€2,886 gross priece

A 119

€2,818 gross priece

VDlr 119

€6,378 gross priece


€12,677 gross priece

G 119

€6,192 gross priece

G 119

€7,973 gross priece


Napali celebrates the splendor of exotic vegetation. Depending on light, season and the turning of time, she changes her colors, is constantly moving but always radiant, always lush. With Napali as well, upholstery and loose pillows, patterns, colors and dazzling nuances form a dynamic collage. Its love of detail can barely be beheld. Corpus and pillows, covers and colors; everything is compact and generous and beyond that, endlessly changeable. The quality and stability of the Nosag springs used, as well as the special cover filling and the luxurious Velours cover, turn relaxation into the most vivid experience.

Facts & features

  • Loose seat and back cushions create a lounge atmosphere
  • Two seat heights – floor-level or standard
  • From body to cushions, all elements can be chosen with a personal cover and colour
  • Unlimited, modular system in multiples of 44 cm

Cloud 7

Bretz Coffee tables are our sofas’ faithful sidekicks. But even in supporting roles, they have important parts to play – holding snacks, glasses and magazines at bay so that the sofa can shine in its starring role.

Facts & features

  • Cloud 7 is the epitome of the Bretz philosophy
  • Premium, artisan-quality cassette upholstery
  • Modular system with two seat depths
  • Comfort that’s out of this world
  • Not a single right angle
  • Truly unconventional layout

B 122 C 122

from €4,704 gross price

A 162

from €3,526 gross price

G 154

from €6,909 gross price

Z 154

from €8,583 gross price

Z 154

from €11,819 gross price

H 154

from €6,805 gross price

Ocean 7

What seems to be a paradox is actually a formula that works out: Ocean 7 reduces the focus on less solid parameter in which the possibilities are endless. Its trademark is the hand made cassette stitching which follows a 33 cm grid. The modular system offers more than 150 possible combinations – with three seating depths and three widths for the elements (cuboid to cuboid) it becomes an individual sofa solution. The velour fibers fan out over the curves and thus cast slight shadows. That is how the human eye catches the snugness of Ocean 7 from miles away.

Facts & features

  • Stripped-down structure, inspired by the great artisan tradition
  • Premium, artisan-quality cassette upholstery
  • Three seat depths for guaranteed relaxation – can be matched at corners
  • Modular system in multiples of 33 cm for planning project without limits – even all-over, wall-to-wall solutions


from €7,120 gross price

UDLI-URE 158 + Trio feet

from €7,449 gross price

TNLI-UNRE 158 C 158

from €6,237 gross price

C 158

from €1,253 gross price

Vli-S-Ure 158

from €12,677 gross price


from €9,371 gross price

G 158

from €7,557 gross price

G 158 + Trio feet

from €7,919 gross price


from €17,580 gross price


from €12,371 gross price


from €14,784 gross price

Cassia loungechair

The most intimate conversations happen in confidence. Our Cassia lounge chair, which opens up similarly to a cassia bark tree, invites you to this exact form of communicative comfort. The base frame, on which the arm chair can turn as well as swivel, allows for conversations with a literal devotion.

Facts & features

  • Loungy chair inspired by a blossom
  • Curved seat and back made out of molded wood
  • Integrated Bonell feathers for the best seating comfort
  • Endowed with a soft going mechanism to swivel and bob

A 156 C 156

from €3,961 gross price

Croissant A113

With the Croissant Chair, you’re always right in the middle of the action: Premium upholstery meets a 360-degree swivel base so you can easily follow the conversations around you, without missing anything out!


Solid wooden structure. Seat: tight swinging Nosag springs, 10 cm Bonnell spring core, balanced premium foam core, fluffy upholstery fleece. Back with integrated kidney support, very elastic cold foam, upholstery fleece. Strong formation of creases is design inherent.

A 113

from €2,565 nett price