Balaao invites you to cut yourself loose from everyday life and soar carefree beyond your own horizon. The name comes from the Portuguese word for balloon – conjuring up fantastic tales of adventure in colourful hot-air balloons while also referring to the rotund shape of the sofa. Sculptural cast aluminium feet mirror the recurring geometry of the design and complement Balaao’s characteristic voluptuous shape. Comfort and cosiness galore is guaranteed in the swivel armchair with its curvy silhouette and sophisticated upholsterv. The perfect place to rest your back, arms and soul.

  • Due to the bulbous formulation of the foams, the sofa lacks any hard edges
  • Modular upholstered furniture system based on 3 seats which, when fitted with armrests and backrests, make up the individual sections
  • Solid wooden frame. above which is a classic upholstered structure with Nosag and Bonell springs and a multi-layer, moulded premium foam structure
  • The punctual indentations give the cover support and firmness, the folds on the underside of the body and on the backrests are irregularly laid by hand, making each piece unique

F 104 + C 104

€9,344 gross price

F 104

€7,432 gross price


€11,573 gross price

Uali-VDAre 104

€10,636 gross price

VDAli-UAre 104

€10,636 gross price

FN 104

€6,779 gross price

Hli 104

€8,602 gross price

Vdli 104

€5,331 gross price

F-T 104

€10,534 gross price

A 104 + CR 104

€4,008 gross price

A 104

€3,182 gross price

CR 104

€826 gross price

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The elements and the upholstery of the product can be combined as desired. Below are just a few examples for inspiration.

3D Designer

Creating custom configurations.

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