Close your eyes, weightlessly float up into the clouds and take a bird’s eye view of life – this sense of pure relaxation and getting away from it all is what Esfera is all about. This kind of luxuriousness is not ostentatious, but quiet and subtle, like a well-kept secret. Three layers of springs seem to play with gravity and organically adapt to support you as you drift away. The oversized pillows tempt you to go even deeper so that your thoughts can glide higher.

  • Oversized seat and back cushions create a lounge atmosphere
  • Unrivalled seating comfort thanks to premium foam construction and triple suspension
  • Multiple seat hights
  • Unlimited, modular system in multiples of 44 cm
  • From body to cushions, all elements can be chosen with a personal cover and color

G 102 (Set 1)
65 BOH06 – moonlight
66 7542 – nuvola
667580 – lino

€10,749 gross price

Z 102 (Set 3)
66 BOH06 – moonlight
66 7542 – nuvola
66 7580 – lino

€14,842 gross price

H 102 (Set 2)
67 BOH06 – moonlight
66 7542 – nuvola
667583 – grigio

€10,119 gross price

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The elements and the upholstery of the product can be combined as desired. Below are just a few examples for inspiration.

3D Designer

Creating custom configurations.

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