Cloud 7 Bed

The bed from the Cloud 7 range also impresses with its ingenious cassette and a vanishing point illusion that makes the extravagant lines possible. Each cassette is handcrafted and provides the bed with its typical three-dimensional dynamics.

Facts & features

  • A kaleidoscope of space-age design and effortless lightness
  • Headboard stretches out like soft sheltering wings
  • Truly original foot section features variable-depth cushion cassettes to create a 3D effect

W 154-180 frame for a 180 cm wide mattress
66 2085 – silberschimmer//
66 2020 – carabicschimmer

€5,989 gross price

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The elements and the upholstery of the product can be combined as desired. Below are just a few examples for inspiration.

3D Designer

Creating custom configurations.

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