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Creole Bed

Creole re-stages the oval in a significant way. The repetition of the symmetric motif grows into an ornament, which strongly reminds of Art Deco. The arches can be arranged according to your heart’s desire and re arranged along the wall in which ever way pleases: horizontally or vertically, a-symmetrical or progressively, tonal or full of contrasts.

Facts & highlights

  • Modularity through creative arrangement of the arched wall-back panels: 4 to 9 panels in 40,5 cm grid can be combined, or a max of 2 panels can be put horizontally
  • Easy fitting to walls due to a bar
  • Back panels can form decorative murals or upholstered backsfor already existing seating elements, even without the bed base
  • Bed corpus available without back part; ideal for sloping roofs or to be put in the middle of a room
  • Mattress width: 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Cloud 7 Bed

The bed from the Cloud 7 range also impresses with its ingenious cassette and a vanishing point illusion that makes the extravagant lines possible. Each cassette is handcrafted and provides the bed with its typical three-dimensional dynamics.

Facts & features

  • A kaleidoscope of space-age design and effortless lightness
  • Headboard stretches out like soft sheltering wings
  • Truly original foot section features variable-depth cushion cassettes to create a 3D effect

Feya Bed

Movie night, being burritod and reading a book, or every changing sleeping positions – FEYA gives room for a multitude of relaxation. The back pillows can be moved, continiously, from 180° to the back, to 90° in the front. A hand quilted pattern stretches over the whole of the soft velour cover, like the starry firmament.

Facts & features

  • A sanctuary for bookworms, breakfasters-in-bed, and TV or movie binge-watchers
  • Nice-to-have: back cushions can be adjusted to any position
  • Elegant quilted pattern