The romantic approach and the floral splendor is what makes up Ohlinda, that and her versatility: The back elements may be designed how ever one wants. Like building blocks, everything can be combined. Pillows which seem to float surprise with a myriad of intricacies, ruffles, seams, and tucks. What makes this sofa complete are its slim feet in the shape of a lily, which lend Ohlinda a soft airiness and raise the mattress slightly. The fantastic story telling of the blues and greens from the ocean, from flowery gardens or the mystical silver shimmer of the moon, completes very different room concepts.

Facts & features

  • Seat cushions that seem to float in place
  • Back cushions that can be chosen in individual colour shades
  • Modular system with two base elements offers plenty of mix and match options
  • Unbelievable upholstery – so comfortable

R 118 RE

from €2,342 nett price

Z 118 LI

from €5,113 nett price

2x E 118S +L 118R +L 118N

from €3,038 nett price

FN 118

from €3,034 nett price

M 118

from €4,758 nett price

E 118S

from €1,132 nett price

E 118S +L 118R

from €1,560 nett price

Y 118

from €5,541 nett price

F 118

from €3,198 nett price

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The elements and the upholstery of the product can be combined as desired. Below are just a few examples for inspiration.

3D Designer

Creating custom configurations.

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